Solebas R-litter
Solebas Naerdes Ja Naeratades   x Solebas I Have A Dream
(2 tric males, 1 tric female, 2 red/whiete female) DOB 23 November 2019

Solebas Rahvuslik Aare, tricolor male
Solebas Rahu Maailma, tricolor male
Solebas Roosiaia Kuninganna, tricolor female 
Solebas Roosi Nupp , red/white female 
Solebas Roosi Õisred/white female 

Solebas Q- Litter
All Square Dat Donat Dedicat   x EST J CH, Lv, Est CH Solebas Felicity Feeling
(5 rw males, 1brindle males) DOB 27 November 2018

Solebas Q Kuninglik Kuma, rw male
Solebas Q Kuldab Teed, rw male
Solebas Q Maagiline  Võlu, rw male 
Solebas Q Nõiduslik Lummus, rw male 
Solebas Q On Päike, rw male ( exp to Finland)
Solebas Q Kuldne Kuu, brindle male 

CIB M CH Life Is A Smile Alizina Zvesdochka  x EST, LT, LV, Balt J CH, Est CH Solebas Looduse Luule
(2 tric males, 1 rw male, 3 tric females) DOB 26 November 2018

Solebas Parem Pool, tric male
Solebas Puhas Rõõm, tric male
Solebas Palju Õnne, rw male 
Solebas Päeva Lill, tric female 
Solebas Päikese Kiir, tric female ( exp to Finland)
Solebas Pille Riin, tric female (lives with us in kennel Solebas) 

2x EST CC, 4x LC CC Solebas Cruise To Seventh Heaven  x EST, LT J CH Matilda , La Jolie Des Fringants Complices
(3 rw males, 2 rw females) DOB 17 June 2018

Solebas Ood Rõõmule, rw male ( lives in kennel Solebas)
Solebas Otsatu Õnn, rw male
Solebas On Oivaline, rw male 
Solebas Oo La Laa, rw female 
Solebas Oo Mu Päike, rw female 

CIB, M CH , M W Hollywood Star Of Swala Pala  x EST, LV, LT BALT J CH, ESt CH, Solebas Looduse Luule
(4 tric males, 1 rw male) DOB 17 November 2017

Solebas Naeratus Huulil, tric male ( co-owned with kennel Solebas)
Solebas Naerdes Ja Naeratades, tric male
Solebas Nagu Linnuke Oksal, tric male ( exp to Latvia)
Solebas Nooruse Allikas, tric male ( exp to Nedherlands)
Solebas Nii Tore, rw male ( exp to Finland)

Est, LV, LT, Balt , Fin CH, EST LT, LV Balt J CH Great Pretender Out Of Africa  x EST J CH, ESt , LV CH, EST J W, Tallinn JW, Winter cup JW Solebas Felicity Feeling
(2 BW males, 1 tric male, 3 bw females, 1 rw female) DOB 16 November 2017)
Solebas Mahe Meloodia, bw male
Solebas Muinaslugu Muusikas, bw male
Solebas Muusa Puudutus, tric male
Solebas Muhe Mustikas, bw female
Solebas Mee Sees, bw female
Solebas Magus Murakas, bw femal ( lives with us in Solebas Kennel)
Solebas Maasika Mari, rw female ( exp Austria)

Solebas L- litter
CIB M ch, SBIS Zahleka Emile Emilion x Est, LV, Lt, Balt J CH , Est Ch Solebas Believe In Dreams

(3 red white males and 2 tricolor females) DOB 24th November 2015
S. Lilleke Rohus, tric f
S. Looduse Luule, tric f ( stayd with us to Solebas Kennel)
S. Leekiv Armastus, rw m
S. Lood Ja Laulud, rw m ( co-owned with Solebas Kennel)
S. Lustime Koos ( import to Finland)

Solebas K-litter
Solebas Cruice To Seventh Heaven x Est J Ch, Est Ch, LV Ch Solebas Felicity Feeling

( 4 red/white and 1 tricolor males) DOB 15th November 2015
S. Kõlab Kui Serenaad, rw
S. Kuula Vaikust, rw
S. Kogu Armastusega, rw ( exp to Angola)
S. Kallim Kullast, rw
S. Kirss Tordil, tric ( exp to France )

Solebas J- litter
Est, LV, LT Balt Ch , Lv J Ch Congaros Kenya See me Now x  Est Ch Solebas Ebony Black Harmony

(3+3)DOB 5th Dec 2014
S. Jumps For Joy, bw male
S. Joy Of Life, rw male (exp. UK)
S. Joyful Day, bw male ( co-owned with Solebas)
S. Jolly Mood, bw female (exp Finland
S. Jungle Potion, bw female ( co-owned with Solebas)

S. Jam Session, bw female

Solebas I- litter
EST, LV, LT, Balt  J Ch, Est Ch Great Pretender Out Of Africa x CIB, Est, LV, LT, Balt Ch, Est, Lv LT, Balt J CH, LV W-09, Balt w-09, vice E JW-08 Solebas Attractive Ally

(1+4)DOB 14 th June 2014
S. In The Wonderland (bw male) exp Norway
S. It´s A Mystery ( bw female)
S. Illusion Of Light ( bw male) exp Sweden
S. I Have A Dream (rw femal)
S. I Feel The Magic ( rw femal) exp UK

Solebas H- litter
Pol J Ch, Pol Ch Baagna free Trader x Est Ch, Est, Lv LT, Balt J CH Solebas Believe In Dreams

(3+3)DOB 09 th Dec 2013
S. Happy Moments (rw male)- BIS 4 puppy
S. Here Comes The Sun ( tri male) - co-owned with our kennel
S. Hot True Love ( rw male, 09.12.2013- 28.05.2014 car accident)
S. High Sunny Sky (rw femal)
S. Hugs N´Kisses ( rw femal)-Bis puppy
S. Honymoon Avenue (rw femal)

Solebas G- litter
Est, Lv, Lt, Balt J Ch Great Pretender Out Of Africa x J CC Solebas Ebony Black Harmony

(3+2)DOB 12th Dec 2012
S. Golden Touch (exp Russia)
S. Good Luck To Tim Spirit (exp. Russia)
S. Grand Prix (exp France)
S. Great Romance- co-owned with our kennel
S. Glittering Sunlight (exp Belgium, now lives in USA)

Solebas F- litter
Est, Lv CH Congaros Kenya See Me Now x Est Ch, Est, Lv LT, Balt J CH Solebas Believe In Dreams

(4+3) DOB 20th Dec 2012
S. Family Treasure
S. Friends Forever
S. Favorite Folklore
S. Full Time Pleasure
S. Fair lady
S. Flower Party
S. Felicity Feeling- lives in our kennel

Solebas E- litter
S, Fin Ch Enigma Black Magic x CIB,ESt, LV,LT, BALT CH, EST LV, LT Balt J CH, LV W-09, Balt -W-09 Solebas Attractive Ally 

(1+2) DOB 18th Dec 2011
S. Excellent Emotion
S. Elixire Of The life
S. Ebony Black Harmony- lives in our kennel, dam of Solebas G-litter

Solebas D- Litter
CC Aittakankaan Ardebil x ESt, LV,CH, LV W-11, EST -W11 Solebas Amazing Anna

(2 boys) DOB 17th Dec 2011
S. Discovery Duka (exp Finland)
S. Dolce Vita
Solebas C-litter
CIB, Est, Fin Ch EST JW-10, Bis Ankhu Baroos At Bulldobas x CIB,ESt, LV,LT, BALT CH, EST LV, LT Balt J CH, LV W-09, Balt -W-09, 3x LC CC Solebas Attractive Ally

(3+2) DOB 27th Dec
S. Cruise To Seventh Heaven - co owned with our kennel
S. Crown Of Love ( exp Finland)
S. Can Fly High
S. Chic´N Classy - co-owned with our kennel
S. Charming Beauty ( exp Russia)

Solebas B-litter 
Bulldobas Cacth The Wind x
CIB, EST, LT, LV, BALT, BLR CH; EST, LV, LT, BALT JCH, BALT JW-06, LT-JW-06; Est Vet CH,EST Derby Winner-07 LC; 3 x CC from lure coursing, 10 x CQ; EST LC VET W-2010 Strong Stael Dea Angella

(2+4) DOB: 21th Dec 2009
S. Baby Catch Me
S. Button Of Happiness
S. Breaking News-was co-owned with our kennel
S. Bright Spirit
S. Beautiful Briliant
S. Believe In Dreams- lives in our kennel, dam of Solebas F and H litter

Solebas A-litter

Bulldobas No Regrets x
CIB, EST, LT, LV, BALT, BLR CH; EST, LV, LT, BALT JCH, BALT JW-06, LT-JW-06; Est Vet Ch,EST Derby Winner-07 LC; 3 x CC from lure coursing, 10 x CQ; EST LC VET W-2010
Strong Stael Dea Angella

(2+2) DOB 13th Dec 2007
S. Almighty Alfons- lives in our kennel
S. A Dream Action
S. Amazing Anna- was co-owned with our kennel, dam of Solebas D-litter
S. Attractive Ally - lives in our kennel